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The Moody Firm

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New Age Hybrid Legal and Business Consulting Firm

The Moody Firm is not just a law firm and it is not just a consulting firm - it is both. The Moody Firm is a new age hybrid model focused on working with local startup businesses, creative entrepreneurs and emerging enterprises.  The Moody Firm is the company you call when in need of:

  • A qualified business and employment law advisor to help tackle real issues;

  • An experienced business strategist who can help focus creative entrepreneurial energy into actionable strategies; and

  • A strategic partner to assist with enterprise development initiatives and key decision makers regarding change management considerations, company culture drivers and risk management.



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San Diego, CA 


4154 Voltaire Street

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The Moody Firm has extensive litigation, advisory, and transactional experience in a broad range of legal practice areas.    The Moody Firm also provides legal services in the following areas:

  • Litigation Risk Management

  • Crisis Management

  • Corporate Counsel

  • Labor and Employment Law

  • Premises Liability

  • Business law

  • Municipal law

We will let you know openly and honestly if your legal issue is one that can be handled internally or should be referred to an outside attorney. 


Startup and emerging businesses require a lot of TLC in order to be successful. The Moody Firm provides business consulting services to clients ranging from:

  • Human Capital Strategy

  • Needs Based Assessments of Business Performance to Manage Growth

  • Organizational Structure Building Blocks

  • Effective Change Management Strategies

  • Organizational Culture Initiatives

  • Employee Recruitment Initiatives

  • Employee Retention and Team Building

  • Conflict Resolution Training

  • Communication Skills Training for Teams

Mediation SERVICES

Autumn Moody provides mediation and conflict resolution services for law firms, businesses, organizations, and the community.  If you are an attorney or insurance defense firm needing an experienced litigator to mediate a civil case, Autumn Moody is a trained mediator who can mediate disputes between parties with whom The Moody Firm has no client relationship.

Autumn's wide range of experience as a civil litigator is essential to evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of parties' positions in various disputes and makes her a wonderful choice to serve as a neutral mediator for litigated cases.  For more information visit:  

Evaluate the risks and always have a plan A, B, and C, so you can forge the path ahead without regret.
— Autumn Moody, Founder of The Moody Firm


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