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By: Autumn D. Moody


The thing I love about local businesses and hometowns...

By: Autumn D. Moody

I grew up in a small town.  Well...small by Southern California standards.  I mean, we had a rodeo on our high school campus, an Ag department (that's short for agriculture for anyone who grew up in the city), and when I was in high school the nick name for my school was "Cow Pie High."  Maybe it was because you had to drive past Ag to get into the school parking lot and the smell of manure, hay and barn animals immediately filled the air. Or, maybe it was because every year there was a fundraiser called the "Cow Plop" where grids were drawn on the football field and people could buy a square and wager when the cow would go #2 on the square they bought (No...I am not kidding, this really happened).  Maybe it had to do with the Future Farmers of America club, the students who raised pigs for auction each year, or the Lakeside Rodeo that is part of the National Rodeo Circuit bringing families and spectators to Lakeside each spring for the annual event (one year a bull got loose and ran down highway 67 before some cowboys captured it after taking off on their horses!).  

Either way, I love my hometown of Lakeside, California.  I love small towns.  I love people from small towns.  I love people who appreciate small towns.  I love people who open businesses in their home towns and I love working with people who also love their home towns.  Here is why: Community-Family-Generosity-Love.

There is a real sense of family and community when you come from a small town.  The "town" doesn't really have to be a formal township at all, but it could even be a neighborhood community that has embraced it's own unique culture as being something worth preserving, something worth respecting, a place where people want to look out for each other, and see each other succeed and thrive.  A small town or community has a family mindset where you know your neighbor and everyone is treated like a dear friend no matter what race, nationality, religion, social or educational status, profession or financial status.  Sure, there are small towns where this isn't exactly the case, but there are big cities where the same is true.  At the end of the day, it all comes down to the people.

I enjoy working with business owners who embrace the same passion I have for hometowns and local communities.  If you are one of those business owners I just described, are dreaming of opening a business, or you know someone who owns a local business, and you have legal or general business questions, feel free to contact me to schedule a consultation.  Let's make awesome things happen together!  

Autumn Moody is the founder of THE MOODY FIRM, a boutique firm that provides legal, mediation and business consulting services to local businesses, innovators, creatives, and emerging companies in San Diego.